Our Products

Curled Coir Rope

The Curled Coir that we produce from Coconut Fiber is profoundly regraded for its quality and strength. Our mastery in the field has made us a standout amongst the most presumed coconut coir rope fabricator. We manufacture the Curled Coir rope out of matured chestnut Coir Fiber, which is produced using present day innovation.

  • Specially twisted for better performance, strength and durability

  • Offered in irresistible shades, widths, highly distinguished characteristics, and excellent finish

  • We produce more than 400 MT / Month

  • 100% eco-friendly product.

Coir Fibre Bales

Our Natural Coir Fibre bales highly regarded for its quality of water-resistant and impenetrable to salt water. Coconut Coir Fiber is removed from the stringy external front of the Coconut Plant. Coir Fiber is baled with the help of plastic straps, to guarantee its high quality and utility.

  • Higher Fibre thickness

  • High bristle content and low moisture

  • Minimum priority

  • Best suited for non-woven coir fabric

  • Most ideal for rubberized coir production based on needle felt technology

Coir Peat

CoCo Coir Peat is the coupling material that originates from the fiber part of the coconut husk. It is produced as the bi-product when the extraction of long fibers from the husk is processed. We manufacture products which are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

  • Offering a wide range of High EC & Low EC Coco Pith 5Kg’s Blocks

  • Our coco pith block contains high ligin ensures slow degradation maintaining an ideal water / air ratio over a much extended period.

  • Used as fertilizers to improve the quality of the soil.

  • We produce more than 700 MT / Month

  • Our product is Completely biodegradable, Precise in size, Very eco-friendly in nature